Queer The Shelves LGBTQ+ Book Festival

LGBTQ+ Book Festival Queer The Shelves Waterstones, Nottingham Anna Larner will be performing poetry.

LGBTQ+ Book Festival

I can’t wait for our weekend together and to be with each other in person. There is no question that digital platforms like Zoom have been a lifeline, but as valuable as they are they cannot fully replace being in the same physical space together and the many benefits to our well-being that that brings.

LGBTQ+ Community

If there are any positives to take from the challenges of the last couple of years, it is to appreciate even more than ever how special weekends like Queer The Shelves really are, both for us as individuals and as part of an LGBTQ+ writing community.

We have been truly reminded that we must take nothing for granted. So, let’s set aside any doubts and enjoy the most special of weekends we have ahead. I’ve written a fun little poem about doing just that if you’re thinking about attending the festival for the first time.   See you on the 28th! Anna x


Resist that demon inside your head
that says… “What? Go out? No. Stay home instead.
There’s a sofa, a blanket, and Game of Thrones.
You know we love it when we’re on our own.
Wait? Don’t tell me you’ve decided to go?
There’s Zoom recordings on YouTube, you know.
It’s a festival, with mingling and chat.
People will see you, have you thought about that?
No way…you want to be seen, to be heard.
Have you lost your mind for that is absurd.
What do you mean it sounds just up your street
With kindred souls, and fave authors to meet.
You’re giddy with questions you want to ask.
You want to write? Are you up to the task?
There’s a work shop you can go to for free?
But that sounds way too good – how can that be?
Then it’ll be too expensive, just you wait.
Tickets are re-funded? Book deals are great?
That’s it, I’m done. I can’t take it anymore.
Are you listening? Don’t slam the front…door.

Anna Larner will be at the Queer the Shelves LGBTQ Book Festival in Nottingham with Julie Cohen, Rosie Wilby, Emma Nichols, Brey Willows, Robyn Nyx and many more. Come along! Sponsored by the Arts Council. Get Your Tickets Now!

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