Highland Fling – Lesbian Love Story

Highland Fling by Anna Larner. Lesbian Love Story Age-Gap Romance

We need to talk about love!

Set in the majesty of the Highlands of Scotland, Highland Fling tells the story of holiday maker Eve Eddison who falls for enigmatic local Moira Burns. The unfolding twists and turns of their emotional journey to love remind us that when we fall for someone, we don’t really know what we’re getting into.

This brief description offers just an outline and I’ve been thinking about how I can introduce Highland Fling to you properly, how to explain to you what lies at the heart of this lesbian love story, what drives its characters and shapes their story.

Love in all its states, real and true.

As we all know love can hurt us as much as it can bring us joy. Love is contradictory. Love can begin big, burn bright, and fizzle out or it can start small, grow tall, and magnificent. It can mean nothing or it can define you. It can be forgotten or forever remembered.

Love can humiliate you or make you proud. It can thoughtlessly hurt you or tenderly heal you. It can be certainty or it can be risk. It can be the impulse to leave or the reason to stay.

It is the stuff of humour and the heart of tragedy.

And that is Highland Fling – love in all its states, real and true.

Highland Fling – A Love Story That Counts

I can’t protect my characters from the effects of love, and it is not my place to. This is their story not mine. If I stepped in to prevent Eve from falling for Moira because I know that loving Moira will risk her heart, then I diminish Eve by not allowing her to grow and find her ‘one’.  And if I refined Moira, somehow made her simpler, then she would not reflect her true self and I would have fictionalised her when the real Moira is so much more vivid and whole.

Highland Fling  is an evocative lesbian age-gap romance novel that not only embodies love, it has been written with love from my heart unguarded and unconfined by expectation.

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A Message From Bold Strokes Books

Highland Fling: Romance abounds in this heart warming and passionate tale of two captivating women and their discovery of a love that counts.

Romance fiction that reflects the lives of modern lesbians is in high demand and this fresh contemporary look at today’s issues from a young new voice will more than satisfy.

This sensual romance will appeal to the readers looking for intelligent, thought-provoking, passionate love stories.

The Highland Series

Book One: Highland Fling

Book Two: Highland Whirl.