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Hooper Street by Anna Larner Lesbian Short Story Available on Kindle Lesbian Romance, WLW Books and Sapphic Fiction LGBTQ+

Hooper Street

Turns out to make a difference, to change a life, or at the very least a perspective on life, you just need one person to be brave enough to be friendly and one person to have enough conscience to let them.

Anna Larner writes such beautifully descriptive stories – I felt that I was in Hooper Street! A lovely read. – SWL

A really charming short story. A pleasure to read. – Safist

Anna Larner makes you believe in her characters and ultimately hope for them to give into love. The story was short and sweet but ultimately full of promise. – Rainbow Literary Society

Lesbian Romance available on Kindle Unlimited

Short Blurb

When the optimistic and enthusiastic Abbie Lawrence moves in next door to the heartbroken and cynical Jem life on Hooper Street is never the same again. This is a feel-good grumpy/sunshine lesbian short story.

Publication Date: Oct 2017 (Previously published in the anthology Girls Next Door, Bold Strokes Books)

Ebook ASIN: ‎ B0768JNQF4
Length: 16 pages
Tropes & themes: Girl-Next-Door, Grumpy/Sunshine, Lesbian

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Short Extract

As streets go, Hooper Street wasn’t much of a looker. Rows of terraced houses bunched together like a set of teeth in a mouth that rarely smiled. White PVC windows, like the white of the eyes of someone gasping for air, stood out starkly against the red brick. The occasional hanging basket, with brash pansies gaudy and out of place, only seemed to make things worse. And there was an unsettling thin breeze, stalking the street half catching the air, like the breath of the dying.

You wouldn’t set out to live in Hooper Street; you would likely just find yourself there. For it was neither city not suburb; but something in between, a gap if you will, where if you were not careful your hope and ambition might disappear, unnoticed.

So, unsurprisingly, it is not the first place you would expect to find love. Like a daisy growing in a drainpipe it would simply have no business being there.

It was a Tuesday when I first met Abbie, I know it was a Tuesday because that’s the day in the week the bin men come, whipping up an instant storm of sound as their hungry lorries hiss, jaws grinding, and the empty bins wheeled down the street rumble like passing thunder.

I remember that I was trying not to dwell on why bin day had become the highlight of my week, when over my left shoulder I heard a voice, like a bird on a branch chattering away for a reason unknown to mankind.

Hooper Street (A Lesbian Short Story) by Anna Larner

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