About Anna Larner

Happiness is a day on the beach! This one is Brighton (UK).

What made you decide to become a writer?

The clues were there:

Clue 1- A daydreamer with an overactive imagination.

Clue 2- A degree in English Literature and master’s degrees in The Word and Visual Imagination and Museum Studies.

Clue 3- A heartfelt passion for all things LGBTQIA.

Let’s just say I eventually joined the dots.


Anna has written three books. Highland Fling – a fast-paced age-gap romance, Love’s Portrait – a delicious slow burn workplace romance, and Highland Whirl – a poignant forced proximity romance.

Anna has also written and published a feel-good grumpy/sunshine short story called ‘Hooper Street‘.


Anna is a poet and her poetry is published with the University of Leicester’s Centre for New Writing and Paradise Press.

Bold Strokes Books

Anna is an author with Bold Strokes Books (BSB). BSB is a midsized independent publisher headquartered in Cambridge, New York that offers a diverse collection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer general and genre fiction. 

UK Events Coordinator Bold Strokes Books

Anna is the UK Events Coordinator for BSB.