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Highland Fling Lesbian Age-Gap Romance. Highland Fling Lesbian Age-Gap Romance. Sapphic WLW Book
Highland Fling Lesbian Age-Gap Romance
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Love’s Portrait WLW Slow Burn Romance
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Highland Whirl Lesbian Enemies to Lovers Romance
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Highland Fling is about falling in love and then working the details out later. It’s about managing the relationship with your very best friend who thinks you’ve lost the plot in your choice of ‘the one’. It’s about family and the acceptance we all need to feel whole. It’s also about my very real love for the Highlands of Scotland right down to the wisps of grasses, the rippling waters, the urgent flight of the house martins, and the drama of the snow-capped mountains endlessly repeating themselves into the distant disappearing horizon!

It offers a very real portrayal of its characters and by all accounts is a bit of a rule breaker!

Love’s Portrait is about the dilemma of falling for someone you work for. It’s about sticking up for your principles. It’s about making your voice heard. It’s also about my very real love for art and museums and my passion for challenging the invisibility of lesbians in history, something I care very much about.

It is romantic and I hope readers will feel whisked off their feet and danced round the room.

Highland Whirl Whenever I heard the weather forecast for the Highlands, I would think of Eve and Moira and their life amongst the snow-topped mountains and the brooding waters of Loch Ness. Had Moira’s wounds from her troubled past healed? Had Eve found her one in Moira? Have they found the lasting love together that the closing scene of Highland Fling promised…? 

Beginning four years on from the ending of Highland Fling, Highland Whirl answers these questions for the curious. (The answers are yes, yes, and yes!)

It seems unbelievable now that I never considered a sequel at the point of writing Highland Fling, for everything about Highland Whirl feels anticipated and inevitable. I mean, how could I not return to Eve and Roxanne’s friendship? How was Roxanne coping without Eve, her best mate in the whole wide universe world? Could they maintain that vital childhood bond from so far apart? 

In the years following the publication of Highland Fling, I kept hearing the repeated question rising to the surface whenever my thoughts wandered off—it was Eve asking Roxanne, “Alice? Moira’s Alice?” Like an approaching flurry of Highland snow, Roxanne and Alice’s love was forecast from the start…

The wee eejit Roxanne Barns and feisty Alice Campbell are so well matched in their differences and their surprising similarities that there is a palpable sense of meant to be. Their love is the story that demanded to be told, as they become the main characters, front and center, in Highland Whirl

Anna Larner – Author of Lesbian and Sapphic Romance, WLW Books