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Looking for Lesbian and Sapphic romance books? Best check here to add to your essential WLW and Lesfic reading list. Slow burn, opposite attracts, ice queen, age-gap tropes etc.

And if you like your romance packed with realism, British humour, and evocative settings, you’re in the right place! Yes it ends HEA, but what a ride to get there!

A Bit About My Books

Highland Fling by Anna Larner. An evocative age-gap romance set in the majestic Scottish Highlands. A story of love, friendship and a tight-knit crofting community. 2018 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards Finalist. Lesbian Romance. Sapphic Romance. Lesfic. Lesbian Books.

Highland Fling – an evocative age-gap romance.

On vacation in the Scottish Highlands, Eve Eddison falls for the enigmatic forestry officer Moira Burns. Convinced Eve is headed for heartbreak, Roxanne advises her to let Moira go…but has Eve found her ideal woman at last? Highland Fling was a finalist in the 2018 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards.

Love's portrait by Anna Larner. A delicious blend of historical and contemporary romance. Two love stories centuries apart. 2019 Rainbow Awards and Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. Lesbian Romance. Sapphic Romance. Lesfic. Lesbian Books.

Love’s Portrait – an enthralling slow burn romance.

When museum curator Molly Goode and benefactor Georgina Wright uncover a portrait’s secret, public and private truths are exposed, and their deepening love hangs in the balance. Love’s Portrait was a finalist in the 2019 Rainbow Awards and Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards.

Highland Whirl by Anna Larner. A poignant forced proximity romance. Lambda Literary December's 2021 Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature list.Lesbian Romance. Sapphic Romance. Lesfic. Lesbian Books.

Highland Whirl – a poignant forced proximity romance.

When city girl about town Roxanne Barns reluctantly accepts a holiday invite to her best friend Eve’s birthday party in the Scottish Highlands, the last thing she expects is to fall for the very person she’s been dreading seeing again—the feisty Alice Campbell. Highland Whirl was featured on the Lambda Literary December’s 2021 Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature list.

A Bit About My Short Story

Hooper Street - A feel-good grumpy sunshine story

Hooper Street – a feel-good grumpy/sunshine romance.

When the optimistic and enthusiastic Abbie Lawrence moves in next door to the heartbroken and cynical Jem life on Hooper Street is never the same again. (Available on kindle unlimited.)

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A Bit About My Blog

This is the place where I will share with you the writing I love. The likes of Nancy Garden, E M Forster, Ali Smith, Virginia Woolf, W H Auden, Elizabeth Bishop, and Carol Ann Duffy are tingling at my fingertips. They have all inspired me in different ways to become an author of passionate and captivating lesbian love stories.

You may not feel the same about my choices, I don’t expect you to. I love that we all care about different things, because that’s the joy of it, it’s what makes us…us.

I also blog about my poetry which has been published with the University of Leicester’s Centre for New Writing and Paradise Press (an LGBT+ independent printing press).