Anna LarnerHi, my name is Anna Larner and I’m the author of Highland FlingHooper Street (short story) and Love’s Portrait.

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Here you will find extracts from my books and poetry. I also keep this site up-to-date with information on upcoming book festivals.

Image result for red heart clipart My debut novel Highland Fling was recommended as one of the Top Ten Summer Reads of 2017 by AfterEllen and was a finalist in the 2018 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards.

Excitingly my second novel Love’s Portrait has just received an honorable mention in this year’s upcoming Rainbow Awards. Image result for red heart clipart 

My books are available to buy at the Bold Strokes webstore, Gay’s The Word bookshop, Glad Day bookshop and all other book retailers. 

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PS. If you would like a signed copy of any of my books, you can order direct from me and pay by Paypal. Books are £9.99 +p&p. Contact me.



Sparks fly between Molly, an art curator, and Georgina, her museum’s aloof benefactor, as they research the portrait of a 19th-century lesbian social activist and try to convince the museum’s board to display it. – Publishers Weekly

Image result for five stars amazon This story was absolutely wonderful. The characters were dynamic and engaging, the flashbacks moved the story forward instead of dragging it down, the romance was sweet and awesome and perfectly paced. Just all around a great book, I enjoyed every second of it. – Rainbow Awards

Image result for five stars amazon Dreamy and genteel, moody and quietly romantic, this one made me deliriously happy from beginning to end. Beyond ticking off my favorite boxes of beautiful writing, just enough angst, sharply smart women and did I mention gorgeous scenes carved out by words that are both lyrical and strikingly visual, the book struck me to my core. Loved this one. – Netgalley

Image result for four stars amazon It’s not too much of a leap to say that, if Jane Austen was writing lesbian romance fiction today, she might have come up with something akin to ‘Love’s Portrait’! – KENRIC Book Club

Image result for five stars amazon This book pulled me in so amazingly fast I’m pretty sure I got reading whiplash. What was most impressive about this novel was the emotion throughout the book, the whole novel seemed to vibrate with all sorts of different emotions. Especially the stuff that was set in the 1800s, which I loved. It was an amazing book, complex and compelling. – ‘From Bella to Ylva’

Related image This was a complex story to cultivate but has been excellently executed. The relationship between the two MCs grabs you and the chemistry is oh, so there. Definitely recommended.  – ‘Best Lesfic Reviews’

Image result for five stars amazon It’s the perfect mixture of love, romance and belonging. – Kitty Kat’s Review Blog

Image result for five stars amazon This book has stayed with me. It is a romance, but so much more. It is beautifully written and well paced. The characters are fully developed and the setting works really well. It has just the right amount of intrigue and highlights very real concerns about the way history portrays us – or rather doesn’t! Altogether it makes for a fascinating read. – C.J.    Amazon

I loved it, it’s got a bit of class and a gentle pace that curls around you. – Clare Lydon, Lesbian Romance Author

Here’s an extract and links to buy.


Can courage and love overcome past regrets? 

I can normally work out the plot in a book after reading the first few chapters and I thought I had with this book but it just kept surprising me at every turn! I had a few moments of “really did I just read that?” and “did she just say that?”. I love when a book does this because you feel the writer is writing outside the box. Traditionally Lesfic seems to follow certain rules and I love a rule breaker. – Les Rêveur

Here are some more reviews and links to buy.

Hooper Street (2)

When the optimistic and enthusiastic Abbie Lawrence moves in next door to the heartbroken and cynical Jem, life on Hooper Street is never the same again.

Here are some reviews and links to buy. 

Some of the literary events coming up in 2019 :

16th November 2019 – Weston-Super-Lesfic  (The Campus, Highlands Lane BS24 7DX Weston-super-Mare)


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