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I had a wonderful time chatting about my latest book Love’s Portrait with Clare Lydon on the Lesbian Book Club. We also chatted about the craft of writing, the importance of never giving up, and why Leicester is the perfect canvas for my stories.

Clare also does a run-down of the Amazon Lesbian Fiction charts in the US & UK. 

Love’s Portrait…I loved it, it’s got a bit of class and a gentle pace that curls around you.

Clare Lydon, Lesbian Book Club

Why Leicester is the perfect canvas for my stories

In November 2017, I attended a writing workshop exploring the work of 19th Century Leicester campaigners, Elizabeth Heyrick and Susanna Watts who inspired the fictional Edith and Josephine. The historic city of Leicester and New Walk Museum inspired the fictional settings in Love’s Portrait. You can even wander in the footsteps of my characters on a virtual walking tour. Find out more about Love’s Portrait.

Love's Portrait by Anna Larner. A delicious slow burn romance. Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist.
Two stories of love centuries apart.

Clare Lydon is a London-based writer of contemporary lesbian romance and host of “Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon” with interviews and insights from other lesbian fiction authors around the world.  

My Lesbian Radio is an audio stream focusing on new LGBT podcasts happening in the U.S. and the U.K. 

Love’s Portrait – Book Blurb

Newly appointed art curator Molly Goode is committed to diversifying her museum’s collection. When Georgina Wright, the museum’s aloof benefactor, asks for Molly’s help in identifying the provenance of a 19th century portrait of social activist Josephine Brancaster, Molly welcomes the opportunity, even if it means spending time with the standoffish financier. But passions soon flare as the women uncover the heartbreaking story of doomed lesbian love behind the watercolor painted by Josephine’s lover, Edith Hewitt.

As their love blossoms, Molly is determined to display Edith’s portrait of Josephine and to tell their story in the museum, but she needs the influential Georgina to help convince the board. When an unforeseen twist in the painting’s provenance forces Georgina to confront her own painful past, will history repeat itself, or can Molly and Georgina’s love prevail?

Publication Date: April 2019

ISBN-13  978-1-63555-057-3
Length: 105,000 words / 314 pages
Tropes & themes: Workplace, Homecoming, Slow-Burn, Art, Museums, History, Lesbian
Awards: Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist, Rainbow Award Finalist

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