Highland Fling

Highland Fling Book Cover

Debut Novel  – Highland Fling  

Publication Date: 18th April 2017

ISBN: 9781626398535

Eve Eddison describes her ideal woman to her best friend, Roxanne, over pints in their local pub a few days before she travels to the Scottish Highlands. There she falls head over heels for an enigmatic local, Moira Burns, and the usually reticent Eve wants more than a holiday romance. Forestry officer Moira Burns has no intention of letting go—either of past pain or for present pleasure. If that means she misses out on her chance at happiness, so be it. Convinced Eve is headed for heartbreak, Roxanne advises her to let Moira go…but has Eve found her ideal woman at last?

From the breathtaking Highlands of Scotland to the buzz of a Leicester gay bar, family and friendship are tested to breaking point, as letting go proves painfully hard.

A family drama set in the majestic Scottish Highlands. Can regret be overcome with courage and love?

“If you are looking for a romance in a wonderful setting, with a lot of drama and angst, pick this up.”

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