Highland Whirl – A poignant forced proximity romance

Any emotional border that had been briefly opened was now closed, and guards likely patrolled its perimeter. The country of Alice was once again an island with sharks in its seas and canons aimed at those who dared to trespass.

Highland Whirl by Anna Larner. A book about love, friendship, and a tight-knit community.
A book about love, friendship, and a tight-knit community.

Book Blurb

When city girl about town Roxanne Barns reluctantly accepts a holiday invite to her best friend Eve’s birthday party in the Scottish Highlands, the last thing she expects is to fall for the very person she’s been dreading seeing again—the feisty Highlander, Alice Campbell.

The moment Alice learns that Roxanne is visiting her home hamlet of Newland, she couldn’t be more suspicious or defensive. A warm welcome is certainly not the plan, let alone falling in love.

Despite Eve’s warnings that Roxanne is not relationship material, Alice can’t ignore her growing attraction. She absolutely trusts Eve’s judgment, but taking her advice just might break Alice’s heart.

Sequel To Highland Fling

Highland Whirl is the sequel to my debut novel Highland Fling ( but it can also be read as a standalone). Read here about the joy and challenge of writing a sequel.

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Highland Whirl allowed me to travel vicariously, meet unforgettable characters, and get lost in a well-written love story that will stay with me for a while.Jeimy

I absolutely loved this book, it is so well-written and very engaging, with parts were I really did laugh out loud! as well as parts that made me stop reading so I could wipe my tears. – Julie

The characters are so realistic that I actually think I’ve met them in my younger days. Roxanne in particular is great. Evocative story, sweet romance and a lovely testament to friendship. – Ember

I stayed up until all hours to finish it. It was a really sweet novel that tackled very real problems along the way, and I would absolutely recommend this book to others. – Tifany

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Publication Info

ISBN-13 978-1-63555-893-7 ebook

ISBN-13 978-1-63555-892-0 paperback

Publication Date: December 2021