Poetry – Surprise Yourself

Surprise yourself with your courage and resilience.
Be wowed by your gutsiness, not to mention your brilliance.
Surprise yourself with your smartness and clear-sighted vision.
Know that your wisdom shines through with each big decision.
Surprise yourself with your talent and skill.
Take strength from your indomitable spirit and will.

Surprise yourself with your hope and irrepressible joy.
Believe in the power of the goodness you deploy.
Surprise yourself with your compassion and care.
Feel proud of the generosity and love that you share.
Surprise yourself with your energy and your might.
Celebrate your determination and your fight.
Surprise yourself knowing that you will go far.
Because you can’t see what others can – just how awesome you are.

Anna Larner – Author of Highland FlingHooper StreetLove’s Portrait and Highland Whirl.

Finalist in the 2019 Foreword INDIES Book of The Year, 2019 Rainbow Awards and 2018 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards.

Featured in women.com, DIVA magazine, Gscene magazine, and Publishers Weekly.

Copyright © 2016 – 2022 Anna Larner.

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