Autobiographical Poetry

I live my life upon a home-made raft.  
Much tested in the doldrum and the storm,  
this bravest of ships, this noblest of craft,  
hewn from wise words, life bent, and battle worn.
For at the stern is the lesson at hand 
to be forward looking, not to look back.  
For the glow of nostalgia hides quicksand 
where the unwary sink, lost to the black. 
Nor stop to look to the side, where phantom  
islands shimmer to distract and ensnare,   
to depress or inflate us with random  
wild thoughts of what we imagine is there. 
Mid-raft, are the trusted oars of the words
give your all to that which you can control.
And let the truth that it's not what others
do, it's what you do that counts, ease life's toll.
And at the bow, is the wisdom to fill  
my heart with hope, to be grateful each day.    
For my craft is afloat seaworthy still   
and I am its captain finding my way. 

Anna Larner

Words of the autobiographical poem Raft by Anna Larner next to a boat.

Autobiographical Poetry

Poetry as a means of self-expression. Autobiographical poetry can be defined as one in which the poet gives an account of his/her life, as well as self-revelation, self-exploration and “thoughtful and analytical excursions into the self”.

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