Creating Highland Whirl – the joy and challenge of writing a sequel by Anna Larner

Bold Strokes Books, UK

For me, writing a sequel brought with it two distinct challenges:

Challenge one. The sequel should seamlessly and fittingly develop the primary story.

I knew that to meet this first challenge Highland Whirl would need to evoke the world of my debut novel Highland Fling. I loved taking the reader back with me to the breath-taking setting of the Highlands of Scotland, my favourite holiday destination, and having the opportunity to describe each exquisite detail once more.

“…winter with its consuming whiteness had at last relinquished its icy grip on the woods, heath, and moorland of Newland. Only the mountaintops, glinting white on the distant horizon, hinted at winter’s recent brooding retreat.”

And it was immense fun to return to the buzz of The Brewer’s Arms, the fictional gay bar in the heart of the city of Leicester. The Brewer’s reflects so much of my own early experiences of the…

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