Poetry – On Reflection

If we were to meet again, I would say
sorry today, for then, when mad with love,
deranged with passion, all reason astray,
I cried ‘I love you!’ Three words – not enough.
So I left flowers to wilt at your door,
composed mixed tapes, wrote odes, baked cakes, your name
on my lips, in my brain. 'Be mine' I implored,
as I failed exams, missed deadlines, endured pain.
I lost sleep, got sick, felt weak, refused to
see sense - still convinced that you could be mine.
And through it all, silent, wise and kind, you
knew the one answer for me would be time.
You were so gentle with your rejection.
Yes, I can see that now, on reflection.

‘On Reflection’ has been published by Paradise Press as part of We want to tell you how… a wonderful anthology of poetry and prose celebrating women’s loves, lives and landmarks.

We want to tell you how...
Published by Paradise Press

We want to tell you how … contains deeply heartfelt, pain-fully honest, and beautifully written pieces of writing. For those who have ever lived with hope or regret, you will find your own story amongst these pages.

Clare Summerskill

‘On Reflection’ has also been published by Leicester University’s Centre for New Writing in a pamphlet and online, as part of Writing Lives Together – An Anthology of Poetry and Prose.

Writing Lives Together - An Anthology of Poetry and Prose
ISBN 978-1-9997526-2-0

Anna Larner – Author of Highland FlingHooper Street, Love’s Portrait and Highland Whirl.

Finalist in the 2019 Foreword INDIES Book of The Year, 2019 Rainbow Awards and 2018 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards.

Featured in women.com, DIVA magazine, Gscene magazine, and Publishers Weekly.

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One thought on “Poetry – On Reflection

  1. Hello Anna
    Thank you for publishing the sonnet. It was great hearing you read it in Saturday and good now to read it for myself.
    Lis X

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